Sansrival Cake is a Filipino dessert made of multiple layers of meringue filled with butter cream and chopped cashew nuts. It’s a favourite in every Filipino home and loved by any one who gets to taste it.

I’ve tasted a few Sansrival Cakes here in Australia but so far, the most proper Sansrival Cake we’ve tried is from Gold Ribbon in Blacktown.

A slice is priced at AUD$4.50 so I bought two slices for me and the Husband. The thin meringue layers were chewy (not as crunchy as I hoped to be) but the sweetness of the butter cream is just right. We enjoyed the abundance of chopped cashew nuts in every bite.  
Sansrival Cake From Gold Ribbon
Sansrival Cake From Gold Ribbon

I’m glad I found a place where I can buy a good Sansrival Cake in case we have the craving for it.

Gold Ribbon Filipino-Asian Restaurant
21 First Avenue, Blacktown NSW

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