The new Apple phones are now available in Australia. Diehard Apple fans camped out overnight to get an iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C. There was a very long line formed outside the Apple Store when it opened at 8am today (I saw a photo from an IGmate and reports on TV). 

It so happened that the Husband and I had a scheduled day-off today to properly celebrate his birthday (which happened on Tuesday, 17th September) so we took time out to check out the new Apple phones as we were curious to see how they look with their new colours. 

Before I move on to sharing my first impressions on the new Apple phones, let me just say that the iPhone 5S are not available in all telco shops and some Apple stores. According to a telco staff we talked to, the iPhone 5S, especially the gold one, have very limited supply at the moment. If you are keen to get an iPhone 5S, you can ask your preferred telco to put you on waitlist, reserve online or place a call to an Apple Store so they can give you updates on availability.

When we arrived at the Apple Store around 3pm today, there was still a queue outside but it’s not as long as the one in the morning. From the looks of it, the wait to get a phone would be from 30-45 minutes.
Now in Australia: iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C

We learned the new phones’ features via its launch and reading information online a week ago, If you want to have a read thru of its features, check it out via Apple’s website here. In terms of features, we like the 5S. 

We were most curious of how the Gold iPhone 5S looks. When I saw photos of it online, it looked attractive with its muted, discreet “goldness”. I actually liked what I saw online. However, when I saw it in person, I find the “goldness” kind of dull. I was hoping I’d say, “Wow!” but no. I’m not sure if it was because of the lighting at the Apple Store or what. 
On the other hand, the Silver and Space Gray iPhone 5S looked classy to me. I’m actually more drawn to the Silver iPhone 5S.
Now in Australia: iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C
The colourful iPhone 5Cs has received warm reception in Sydney. From what the telco staff in our suburb told us before 10am today, they were a bit surprised that a couple of people have already purchased iPhone 5Cs. 

I like the iPhone 5Cs aesthetics. It is made of plastic but it doesn’t look plastic and cheap. The smooth finish can passed as classy even. The colours I like best are Yellow and Blue.
The Pink looks horrible (sorry, Apple) but the White looks good.

The Green is a cross between bright green and neon green. It’s very vibrant. It looks alright to me. The green-ness is something that can grow into you.

Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, my tip is to see the phones yourself and not rely on what you see online. 
Now in Australia: iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C
iPhone costs in Australia can be found on the Apple website. iPhone 5S starts from AUD$869.00 while iPhone 5Cs starts from $739.00


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