We saw a stall of House of Polvoron (HOP) in Megamall (Manila, April 2013) but didn’t get the chance to try it while we were there. Thankfully, I found four flavours of HOP at G&L Supermarket and Tong Li Supermarket two weeks ago. 
Food Find: House of Polvoron (HOP)Food Find: House of Polvoron (HOP)
Food Find: House of Polvoron (HOP)
Polvoron is type of shortbread made of flour, sugar and milk. It’s one of the most popular candies in the Philippines. It sometimes come in different flavours like ube and pinipig; and sometimes added with nuts.

Our favourite Polvoron is the one made by Goldilocks. I remember as a child, my Mom would always bring a bag of Goldilocks Polvoron and I’d giggle with happiness. Lucky that Goldilocks Polvoron are available at Asian supermarkets here so we never really miss them. Last year, we discovered chocolate-coated Chocovron. While I found it okay, the Husband didn’t like it so I never bought them again. 

Having HOP here in Sydney is a good sign. It kind of changes the Polvoron scene in a great way. More brands, more choices. While I love Goldilocks Polvoron, I don’t mind supporting other Filipino brands as long as they taste great.
HOP takes pride in their special polvoron because they are made of natural ingredients quality, does not contain artificial flavours and colours. Their polvoron has a delicate sweetness and crunchy texture. We’ve tried four flavours: Classic, Cashew, Pili and Cookies and Cream.

My favourite from all four is the Cookies and Cream flavour. It was sweeter than the other flavours but it’s the kind of sweetness I can’t get enough of. Its taste reminds me the Cookies and Cream cake I love from Michel’s.
Food Find: House of Polvoron (HOP)
Food Find: House of Polvoron (HOP)
Food Find: House of Polvoron (HOP)

I found HOP at G&L Supermarket and Tong Li Supermarket. Try them if you chance upon them. 


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