I’ve very fond of eating Longganisa (Filipino sausage) that everytime I’m in Manila, my Mom makes sure that the household has enough Longganisas to feed me all throughout my stay. She also makes an effort of buying different kinds such as the ones from Vigan, Lucban, and Caloocan.

When we moved here, I learned how to do it but I was never patient enough making them (I’m more inclined to make Tocino). I once settled  buying the frozen ones imported from the Philippines (they’re available in Asian supermarkets) but I long for Longganisa made fresh and available from the butcher.

During one of my usual visits at my “suking” butcher, I found that they’re selling Filipino Longganisa! Wow!!! I immediately asked him if they were made them by a Filipino and he confirmed with a smile. Since then I’ve been coming back to our butcher not just for the usual meat products that we need but also for my beloved Filipino Longganisa.

This Longganisa I found tastes very similar to the Filipino Longganisa that my Mom buys in Caloocan. The only difference is it’s not as sweet but the taste is really Pinoy, a balance of sweet, salty and peppery taste. The good thing about it too is that it’s not laden with food colouring.

Food Find: Filipino Longganisa

If you’re a Filipino in Sydney Metro craving for Longganisa, check them out at Good Luck Butcher Shop, located at Good Luck Plaza Blacktown. The Longganisas are not available everyday so I suggest you call them first (02-9261-6696).

The Longganisas are priced at 9.99 a kilo. 


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