This was the only bag of coffee we brought home from Manila. 

Sagada Coffee From Bo's

Since we’ve had a Nespresso machine, we limit buying coffee beans to just one bag at a time. Since we don’t drink coffee everyday, the supply of coffee at home had to be managed well so they don’t go stale. 

On my last day in Manila, I stopped by Bo’s Coffee to have a quick “me” time and bought a bag of Sagada Coffee to take home with us. I vacuum-packed the bag and only let it breathe two weeks ago. The aroma of coffee beans were heavenly the moment I opened it.

Sagada Coffee From Bo's

The good thing about coffee beans is that I get to share it too. I shared half of it to my friend so she can have a taste of Sagada Coffee. She gets to have the bag while I store the coffee beans in a glass container. The coffee-themed sticky note went perfectly well to what’s inside the container.

Sagada Coffee From Bo's

Something about Sagada:

Sagada is a place in the northern part of Philippines located in the centre of Cordillera region. It is a popular destination for travelers who are either thrill seekers or nature lovers because of it’s maejestic mountains and natural attractions. 

Sagada Coffee From Bo's

Sagada Coffee is part of Bo’s Coffee‘s Philippine Origins line which celebrates Philippines’ culture and great coffee. Drinking Sagada Coffee is a way to getting to know the place thru its flavour profile.

Sagada Coffee has a balance of sweet and nutty flavour with hints of chocolate and tobacco. I personally describe this coffee as “gentlemanly sweet”, a perfect drink on a lazy afternoon of leisure. 

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    • Ibyang

      As mentioned on the post and seen on the third photo, yes they are coffee beans.
      I got them from Bo’s Coffee in Megamall. I don’t exactly remember the price but the costs of a bag of coffee beans in the Phils range from Php 400-600.00.

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