Would you believe I haven’t transferred our Manila and Seoul photos to my computer? It’s taking me a while to get around to doing our post-travel tasks. Work is taking a lot of my time lately that some days I go home a little exhausted. Last week though I started seeing friends after work. What a joy it was to see friends again. It helps a lot in going back to “our normal”.

Yesterday, I spent an hour sorting out some of the stationery and knick knacks we got from our trip. These were all shared in my instagram ( http://steadfasthealthcare.com/11602-casino-slot-stars.html @ibyang) but I would also like to share it because it might be useful reference for some who will visit Manila and Seoul too.

As my love for stationery had been awakened, I kept an eye on stationery during our travel. Other than rekindling my childhood love for stationery, I’m now more appreciative of design and artwork. Maybe the Husband’s “artist fairy dust” is working on me. 

Stationery from Papemelroti. Yes, buhay pa ang Papemelroti! 🙂 They still produce the brown stationery they are known for but this time I found some Manila artwork on their paperie. I especially chose papers with Jeepney artwork. I also got a small Manila poster with “salawikain” written on it. I plan to frame this poster to put on display at home.

Stationery from Fully Booked. White pad paper with Kalesa and Sorbetes art. They’re colourful and reminiscent of life in Manila.  The little sticky notes with flowers are Japanese-inspired art designed in America. 

Coffee-themed calendar planners from our dear friend Agnes. The moment we saw these, we were so amused because it is so Us! 🙂 Grateful for friends who know we love our coffee.
Starbucks Planners gifted by friends Majo and Monet. Husband and I don’t use these kind of planners anymore but we appreciate these ones still because we can add them to our stationery collection and use them for our creative projects. We especially love the book magnets that came with them.
Important men in Philippine history immortalized in stamps. These are used stamps but curated for selling to stamp collectors like me. I plan to frame these in order to preserve them. We found them during our visit to the Ayala Museum.

 An “I Love Manila” fridge magnet. This was the last thing I bought before I got on our plane to Sydney. We were already boarding when I realised we haven’t bought a Manila fridge magnet so I went back out to the shops in NAIA 1 and bought this.

Here are the ones from Seoul:
Seoul is stationery haven! We found a lot of stores that sell gorgeous stationery and pretty little things.

Hanbok Card. One of the fanciest stationery I’ve owned. The design of the hanbok was embossed on the paper. 

 Paper and envelopes with dainty designs. It has my favourite art: dots, flowers and stripes.

 Note pads and Sticky Notes. The note pads came had Korean icons (palace, king, queen, N Seoul Tower) while the sticky notes had dainty-looking designs.

Stamp Stickers. I only bought a few. Two of them had Korean icons while the third one had Alice in Wonderland art.

Souvenirs from where we’ve been: a post card from N Seoul Tower, phone accessory from Hello Kitty Cafe (which we will convert into a fridge magnet), notebook from the Teddy Bear Museum and a pen from Mango Six Cafe (which will also be converted into a fridge magnet).

King and Queen Bookmark. Aren’t they the cutest? It also has an “I Love Korea” embossed on them. 

It was a fun hour sorting all thru the knick knacks we brought home. I can’t wait to use these pretty paper in creating our travel scrapbook. Ahhh but first, we need to sort out our photos. When will that be? I can’t say but I hope soon.

Have a great week ahead!


  1. Janis

    Hi Ivy! Thanks for the message, it was thoughtful…

    I used to collect stamps din but due to moving a lot, my collection got compromised ayun I stopped na…andami ko dating stamps kasi when I was a kid, I joined this penpal chain sa Teenbeat so andami kong penpals from all over na puro stamps ang gamit hindi metered machine, kasi 90s pa yun.

    Correct, whenever Papemelroti becomes the topic, yan tlg ang sinasabi, buhay pa pala ang Papemel… hehehe… love stationery collecting din tlg…

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