I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned before but my greatest food weakness is potato chips. I really can’t live without them for a long time. Whenever a workmate of mine comes to my desk and offers me their chips, I’d go weak and have a chip or two. I stay away from chips during weekdays but on weekends, I let myself have a pack or two (just so I won’t binge later on). My other weakness is http://startuprewind.com/backup/wallet.dat white chocolate which I love enough to even write http://jessicamccaw.com/2013/12/ a blog post about it.

Last year, my Mom brought us a box of RoyceMilk Chocolate Potato Chip and we loved it! It was sooooo good. It was the perfect snack for me and the Husband because I love potato chips and he loves chocolates. 

When we vaycayed in Manila last month, we dropped by the Royce stall (like we did in 2011) and bought items to bring home with us. This time, I bought the White Chocolate Potato Chips.  
My New Favourite From Royce: Potato Chip (White) Chocolate
P1260578My New Favourite From Royce: Potato Chip (White) Chocolate
The quality of these chips amazed us. We transported this in Manila and once we arrived in Sydney, we stored it inside the fridge right away but the chips are still crisp. 
My New Favourite From Royce: Potato Chip (White) Chocolate
Potato Chips + White Chocolate = a sweet and salty harmony inside a box. I’m one happy foodie because of these.

Royce also has these chips covered in dark chocolate and my Husband loves them.

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