Without even asking, the universe had a way of gifting me with flowers on my birthday. On the way to brunch, we saw a garden full of colourful flowers in bloom. Thank you dear God. Thank you Universe. I welcome my new year of great possibilities with happy thoughts, a peaceful heart and an open mind. 
A Happy Ibyang Day!
An “Ibyang Day”. A phrase gifted to me by one of my dear friends Pen (thank you, love!). I’ve expressed my desire to family and friends to have a quiet celebration but somehow, they found a way to make me feel that my day is important. I’m so blessed to be surrounded by beautiful people who always make me feel well-loved. My family and friends are the world’s greatest gifts to me!

Here are a few snippets of my more-than-a-month-long birthday celebration:
Friends gifting me with a birthday cake a month before my birthday. The Rubber Duck visiting Sydney. Meeting Liz Gilbert and listening her talk at the Sydney Opera House. The Hubby granting me my wishes (a book and a bag). Receiving greetings from family and friends from around the world via phone, twitter, FB and IG. Birthday brunch at Coco Cubano. Attending mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral. Dinner with friends at Mizuya. Satur-date dinner with family on Australia Day.
To family and friends who remembered and celebrated Ibyang Day** with me, thank you very much! May you be blessed a thousand times with the positivity you wished me. 
** Ibyang Day is celebrated every 22nd of January.**


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