If you want to go back on some of the significant moments of 2012, here’s a video that show the great achievements and sorrows of people around the world.
You amazed and inspired me, 2012. I’m grateful for…

all the blessings that poured into my life and and my loved ones’ lives.

the adventures, surprises, milestones and little treats.

teaching me how to let go of things and habits that make my life unproductive.

having learned the “art of filtering”.

the seasons of sunshine and rain, both reminding me to enjoy each moment. 

the life, love and friendship I share with my best friend and better half, Chris.

the gift of knowing myself better–what matters to me most and what I cannot tolerate.

the peace that forgiveness brings, that even with no apology I’m able to forgive sincerely.

the simple and laidback lifestyle that we have in Sydney.

how to buy furosemide Thank you 2012! 


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