When in Sydney, one must have a taste of some of the best macarons in the world. I’ve already got three favourite macaron brands: http://riovalleymontessori.com/?p=12 MakMak, Adriano Zumbo and Laduree. I’ve writtten about next page Zumbo and Laduree and have mentioned about MakMak macarons but I just had write a separate entry for them. According to Time Out Sydney, MakMak currently hold the Number 1 spot in the best macaron category. 

Note: According to Time Out Sydney, the Top 5 macarons are Makmak, Adriano Zumbo, Laduree, Baroque Patisserie and Creasion. I’ve tasted the Top 3 and in my list I’ve also ranked them the same as Time Out Sydney.

I discovered MakMak macarons when we had coffee at Via Del Corso, a cafe at Level 5 Westfield Sydney which offers good coffee and a range of delicious desserts such as cakes, chocolates, ice cream, gelato and macarons made by MakMak. It was a pleasure to have found them as it’s always nice to know that there’s a place where I can easily get great tasting macarons should I have the craving.

MakMak macarons are made by Carlos Heng and Chia Wei Leong. What only started out as a challenge to make the best macarons became a business venture for them. After two years of business, their macarons are considered one of the best in Australia. Their service is commendable as they efficiently create their macarons at home and deliver them personally to clients.Things I Love: Macarons by MakMak

We’ve tried a few of their flavours: Salted Caramel, Peppermint and Dark Chocolate, Gianduja and Peanut Butter.

Things I Love: Macarons by MakMak

Salted Caramel. Rich, luscious caramel with bursts of Maldon sea salt. The best salted caramel macaron I’ve ever tasted.

Gianduja. Classic combination of hazelnuts & Belgian dark chocolate with a hint of Frangelico. The nuttiest of all the nutty macarons. This easily becomes a favourite of people who love nuts with their chocolate.

Peppermint and Dark Chocolate. Inspired by Arnott’s Mint Slice and made with organic peppermint tea. The mint is not overpowering so even if I’m not very fond of chocolates with mint, this macaron was very much tolerable.

Peanut Butter. My super duper favourite from all of their macarons. Savouring their peanut butter macarons is like eating peanut butter from the jar. 
Things I Love: Macarons by MakMak
MakMak doesn’t have an exclusive store (yet) but you can visit Via Del Corso or you can check out their website for orders and delivery.

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