We can only last a while of not eating Korean cuisine so last night, after shopping at Chinatown, we head down to Sydney CBD’s Koreatown at Liverpool Street to have some good ‘ol Korean stew and Bibimbap.

NaruOne reminds me of homely Korean restaurants in Seoul. Simple and always busy. The place easily gets filled up from 6pm onwards but we’re fortunate to get a table at around 7ish. They are quite known for their Korean Fried Chicken but we weren’t in the mood for deep-fried chicken last night.

I got myself a big bowl of Spicy Beef Stew which came with a lot of vegetables. I think there was about four small beef cubes so it was a bit disappointing. The spiciness was average, not really as hot as it looked in the photo. The soup was light and not as tasty as I hope. I think the soup would have been more tasty had they added more meat. I enjoyed it nonetheless as it was a cool night last night and it did gave comfort to my hungry tummy.

The Husband had the Beef Bibimbap in sizzling stone pot which was really very hot it burned the rice a bit (the ones at the bottom). They served a small bowl of soup with it so the Husband spilled some soup on the bowl to keep the rice from going dry or burning. Again this dish seemed bland, almost tasteless. Better to add lots of chili sauce for some flavour.

We’re not impressed with the dishes we ate last night but we’d come back one day should we have the craving for some Korean Fried Chicken. The table beside us ordered some Spicy Chicken and it looked mouth-watering indeed. 

NaruOne Korean Restaurant
375 Pitt Street, Sydney
Phone: 02 9261 2680

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