A fresh bouquet of flowers were waiting at my desk this morning when I arrived. They came from one of my trainees who wanted to remain anonymous but (according to my workmate) profusely sent her appreciation for all the work I’ve done in running the training program that she’s attending. 

It’s made my heart tender as I start my Wednesday on a sweet note. My trainee’s thoughtful and sweet gesture made my day! I wish I could personally say thank you but nevertheless, I’m thinking good thoughts of her and will say a prayer that she’ll hopefully feel how grateful I am.

Oftentimes it’s not the grand things that make us truly happy and appreciated. I’ve always been contented and fulfilled just seeing all my trainees present in their workshops, learning new skills and improving their craft. They don’t even have to thank me for it. The mere fact that they make an effort to learn is enough for me. Knowing that I’m a part of their successful careers makes it all worthwhile. 

The past few weeks have been quite stressful at the office. Some days, I’ve lost the equilibrium I have maintained and always enjoyed. But there are two words that helped me soldier on: determination and passion. Determination is what helps me bring order in every tangled a situation there may be. Passion is my fuel, the stamina of my heart, mind and spirit. 

Receiving flowers is the icing on my cake, a bonus that can never be measured. On days when things are getting rough at work, I will go back to moments like these to inspire me to serve more.


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