Spent Saturday morning at the Woodcroft Lake Festival with our relatives where we got to enjoy looking at stalls, watching shows presented by different organizations and eating good food.

Thank goodness the sun shone brightly (it was raining on Friday night) which made the experience more enjoyable. Below are snippets of what transpired that morning.

Woodcroft Lake. A few years back, I used to live with relatives and their home is situated near this gorgeous lake. I used to come here often to briskwalk and jog. This place has changed over the years as it now has an exercise area and shaded tables for picnics.

The things that made up the festival. The whole morning we were there, a program that showcased singing and dancing from kids were being held. Kids enjoyed getting on a few rides and a mini train that goes around the lake. The Fire Department was there to let kids experience how to carry a hose. 

There were a lot of food and craft stalls that cater to different people.  One of my favourites was a stall selling doll dresses worn by Cabbage Patch Kids. I love Cabbage Patch Kids! I have one when I was a kid and my heart fluttered in glee when I saw them. So cute! 

Bought two potted flowers from the plants stall. They were cheap and sold by a Filipina who was kind enough to let us leave the plants we chose and just come back for it after we’re finished enjoying the festival.

There were a variety of food stalls that cater to different cultures but I gravitated towards the Filipino stalls. That’s basically what we came for–to eat Filipino food not cooked by us hahaha. We had Fishballs, Fried Lumpia, Pork BBQ and Turon (not in photo), then chased them up with refreshing Sago’t Gulaman

I shared this photo on my instagram (@ibyang) and wrote:

“Making tusok tusok the Fishballs and making sawsaw the Lumpiang Prito on the suka.”
(only a Filipino who grew up in the Philippines will understand the humour behind that)
Before we left, I made one last stop at the Fairy Floss stall and bought a stick. It was HUGE and I love it! This photo of mine below with the Fairy Floss sums up what I felt that Saturday–a happy kid!

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