Our visit to Cabramatta always starts at Cafe 86 to have our fill of coffee. Cafe 86, used to be owned by parents of Luke Nguyen, is well-known for their Vietnamese Coffee. We usually get here at around 10ish in the morning and there would always be a few tables occupied by people chilling and chatting with friends while having a glass of coffee or fruit juice.

The ambiance is reminiscent of simple cafes in Asia. There’s nothing very fancy with the interiors of this cafe but it is homey and relaxing. I always feel like the world stops while we enjoy our drinks whenever we are here and the vibe to stay is always alluring.
Cafe 86 (Cabramatta, NSW)

The Husband always orders the Hot Cup of Vietnamese Coffee so I get to have a taste of both everytime we’re here.  It’s strong and very creamy.

Cafe 86 (Cabramatta, NSW)

Their Iced Vietnamese Coffee is considered the best that’s why people come here just to have a drink of this rich, sweet and smooth beverage. There’s nothing quite like it. It’s very strong compared to other coffees but it’s bitterness and is greatly balanced with the sweetness of condensed milk.

Cafe 86 (Cabramatta, NSW)
Drinking Vietnamese coffee becomes a more beautiful experience when chased up with a glass of Jasmine Tea which is served free of charge. During cold season, they serve it hot while in warmer days, they serve it with ice.

The service staff of Cafe 86 are accommodating although they may have a bit of difficulty understanding what you want, just be sure to point at the menu board or point at someone else’ drink (works all the time!). If you think your Vietnamese Coffee’s too strong for you liking, just let them know and they are kind enough to adjust the bitterness/sweetness for you.

Other than coffee and tea, they also serve fresh fruit juices.

Cafe 86
4/29 John Street, Cabramatta 2166
Phone: (02) 9723 2696

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  1. Toni Tiu

    Oh yum. I like my coffee strong! And Vietnamese coffee is strong! Oh you know what goes well with Vietnamese coffee? Their bread! So crisp and delicious. Ah, I dream of Vietnam!

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