I learned about BB Creams when travelled in Seoul last year but I went home without buying one.  After a few months, I decided to give it a try after reading more about the wonders it does to the face. 

Before I give you a run down of BB Creams I’ve tried, Here’s some things you need to learn about BB Creams:
  • BB stands for Blemish Balm/Beauty Balm.
  • BB Creams work as a primer, foundation, moisturiser and sunblock. All these benefits in just one tube.
  • It was originally formulated in Germany for use of patients who have undergone laser procedures and surgery.
  • In the 1980s, it was introduced in Japan and Korea.  
  • In Korea, it is referred to as “the beauty secret of Korean actresses”.

Why I got drawn to using BB Creams:
  • It is time and cost effective. I used to put sunblock and foundation before putting powder on but now, with just the BB Cream, I get to save time and money by using just one product.
  • Regular use of BB Cream has resulted to improved pores and skin texture.
  • I have found a BB Cream that doesn’t make my face too oily.
  • When applied, it makes my pores less visible.
  • I found a BB Cream that brings out the natural glow of my face, as in no need to wear blush.
  • I found a BB Cream that doesn’t cause me to breakout.
  • It is cheaper to buy BB Creams compared to other foundations made by designer brands.

Here are some BB Creams I’ve tried:
(Important Note on my Face Profile: I have an oily skin especially on the Tzone areas. However, during Winter, my skin gets dry. I have acne scars. My  face is on the fair shade of brown. I have medium-sized pores.)

Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream (with SPF 42, Shade No.21). This was the first BB Cream I used (and still using, finishing the tube at the moment) and I’m glad that it was my first choice. It’s one of the most famous BB Creams in Korea. It has medium to full coverage. Easy to apply on the face. It has a dewy finish and stays on for the whole day. If I have an event to go to at night, I just freshen up by putting powder on. When applied, my oily skin becomes manageable. Doesn’t give me pimples.
Beauty Stash: BB Creams

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream. Easy to apply. Has medium coverage. However, it gave me pimples after use so I stopped using it on my face. In order for my purchase to amount to something (sayang ang binayad ko eh) and since it has SPF,  I use this on the back of my hand and legs until the tube’s empty.

Beauty Stash: BB Creams

MISA Cho Bo Yang BB Cream by Missha (a.k.a. Herbal Prescription BB Cream). I got a sample of this BB Cream from an online store. This is better than the Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream as this has a matte finish. The oiliness of my skin is more manageable. The next time I buy a BB Cream from Missha this would be it.

_MBeauty Stash: BB CreamsG_4118

Power Perfection BB Cream (Natural Beige) by The Face Shop . I got this sample from The Face Shop in Townhall (Sydney). This is my favourite BB Cream as so far as this is the only BB Cream that lets my skin glow without the help of putting blush. The other BB Creams I’ve used seemed to just leave my face white. Whenever I use this, I noticed that my cheeks’ natural glow comes out. Just be quick when applying this on your face as it sets in just a few seconds. Has a matte finish so oily skin is managed well. I’m buying a tube of this in time for Summer.

Beauty Stash: BB Creams

Good Afternoon Peach Green Tea BB Cream by Skin Food. Easy to apply and has a fruity smell. Matte finish but in two to three hours, my skin gets oily.  It doesn’t cause me any breakouts though so I think this is still a good product for me. It just means I need to re-touch all the time to manage oiliness of my skin. I bought this tube recently and I think I should use this during cold season.

Beauty Stash: BB Creams

Some tips:
  • Ask BB Cream samples before buying a tube.
  • If samples are not available, google reviews on the net.
  • Ask recommendations from professionals or friends that have the same skin as yours.
  • If a brand doesn’t work for you (i.e. results to breakouts, make your skin oily etc), stop using it. You may use them as sunblock for your hands or legs as long as they don’t irritate your skin.
  • Shelf life of BB Creams is up to 8-12 months. If it smells weird or dries out funny, throw it away to avoid skin infections.

My Stand on BB Creams: I’m subjective to trying out Korean brands at the moment because in my opinion, the Koreans have figured out a way to treat Asian skin. If a brand works well with my skin and their price is reasonable, that would be my gauge in buying.


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