I shared this photo on my personal FB page and captioned, “Breakfast and coffee under Cherry Blossom trees with the Love of my Life. I’m so grateful for moments like these it makes my heart tender.”
We’re still officially in Winter season in Sydney but it is in the middle of August when Cherry Blossoms start to bloom. We found out that Auburn Botanic Gardens (corner of Chisholm and Chiswick Roads, Auburn) were holding a Cherry Blossoms Festivals on 18-19 & 25-26 August (two weekends)

I’ve been hinting at the Husband that I want to go on a picnic as soon as the weather becomes warmer and it was great timing that we learned that there were Cherry Blossoms in Auburn. So we woke up early yesterday morning, took the train to Auburn and got on Auburn Council’s free shuttle bus to Auburn Botanic Gardens. 

A coffee and ice cream van welcomed visitors at the entrance. Perfect for early birds like us. It was a bit chilly in the west yesterday and it was comforting to have a hot cup of coffee as soon as we got there.

It was a great thing that we were there early. We got ourselves a lovely spot near a line of Cherry Blossom trees. It was the perfect setting to appreciate the beauty of the place and of course, see Cherry Blossoms up close.

The quiet we enjoyed while only a few visitors were present was partnered with a few quick breakfast bites of Empanadas, Cookies and Macaroons.

The Auburn Botanic Gardens was a huge enough space to explore. We went around some of the gardens and enjoyed watching the geese and a peacock on the pond.

It was one of those Sundays where the weather, scenery and company were all perfect. 

We’re very happy we discovered this event as we are missing Seoul in Spring where we fell in love with the Cherry Blossoms. There may not be a lot of Cherry Blossom trees in this part of our world, but we still appreciate their beauty just the same.


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