If someone asks me what I bought with my first salary from my first Aussie paycheck, the answer would have to be my Resistance Elliptical Strider.  

I grew up being physically active.  When I was young, I always get involved in activities where I’m able to move and sweat.  It’s not difficult to engage in physical activities in school thanks to the various clubs one can join but when one goes out into the corporate world of working 8-10 hours a day, it can become a challenge to some of us.  When I worked in Manila, I had the chance of joining sports competitions until such time I had to retire because of an injury. And just when that happened, I migrated to Australia where I felt I needed to continue having an active lifestyle.  

So when I received my first paycheck in 2005, I looked for a cheap exercise equipment and found a Resistance Elliptical Strider.  The machine may seem harmless but it is quite the opposite.  This one weighed a ton (I don’t have the exact number but it is heavy) and takes a lot of effort (and muscle) to exercise in.  But given my age and physical capabilities then, it was good enough for me.  A few minutes on this machine 3 to 4 times a week gave me a fast heartbeat rate, strong legs and arms.  Other than the help of this machine, I averaged 30 minutes of walking on a daily basis. For three years, I lived near a park and every weekend, I’d briskwalk and run during the afternoons for additional exercise. 

When I moved to an apartment with my Husband, we brought the Elliptical Strider with us.  But as time goes by,  my body has changed and I needed an exercise equipment that will be more friendly to my body, my bones and joints in particular. 

As one age, we have to treat our body with appropriate care.  I’m petite and cannot carry very heavy things. I thought that I should treat my bones and joints well.  At one time, exercising on my elliptical strider gave me a backache so instead of being encouraged to use it, I became wary, fearing that I might injure so I stopped exercising on it last year.  It took me months to decide to let it go and opt for another exercise machine.   

Last month, I finally bought a Foldable Treadmill online via oo.com.au.

It came with simple instructions on how to unfold it.  No need to assemble any big parts.

In less than 5 minutes, our treadmill was ready for use.

I love our treadmill because:
It is handy, small, compact but serves its purpose.  With its 1530mm x 650mm x 720mm size, it is perfect for our 2-bedroom apartment.  Since it is foldable, it doesn’t eat up too much space at home.  It only weighs 19 kilos so lugging it around is not a hassle.  It has a stable incline which is manageable for everyone in the family.

I don’t have to get out of the house in order to walk or jog.  One of my biggest hurdle in exercising is going/driving to the park and the weather.  Going out requires extra time and effort while driving to a place involves petrol costs.  The weather can be a nuisance.  It’s too cold during winter, too hot during summer and rains last for days.  Since I’ve got a treadmill at home, I’ve got no excuse.  

I’m back to my regular habit of exercising!  After three weeks of having a treadmill at home, I’m now back to exercising 3 to 4 times a week.  Nowadays, I look forward to going home and spending time on the treadmill.  It easily became a part of my lifestyle because I can get on the treadmill while I watch TFConline before dinner.  

The Treadmill was a great replacement to the Elliptical Strider.The treadmill is perfect for me because I love walking.  I can just walk for a long period of time while I watch TV or read stuff on the iPad.  If I’m not doing anything while on the treadmill, I don’t get bored.  Walking in silence is therapeutic for me.  It helps me think and de-stress.

It’s a fun exercise machine! I’m able to walk, briskwalk, jog, run on the treadmill.  In a 25-minute session, I’m able to do all four activities.  Sometimes, I do a bit of arm exercises while walking–a combined exercise.  I also sometimes sing while I walk on the treadmill and I love it!

Although I miss having the Elliptical Strider around, I’m glad I made this change in our lifestyle.  I realized now how important it is to finding the right equipment for me, one that will is more friendly to me body and one that makes me want to exercise. 

For those who would like to buy the same treadmill I have, you can check it out here.


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