Our photographer friend John Fick has released his first photography book “Lighting for Studio Photography DECODED” and we are so proud and happy for him.

John Fick is the first Filipino in Sydney to publish a book in photography.  The book took him three years to finish and he’s very elated that reception has been very good.  The plan was just to launch an ebook but due to emails and requests for a hard copy, John relented and had them printed (Good call, John!). 
Inside the Book:

Uprising author John Fick has launched his new “Lighting for Studio Photography DECODED” book which is set to become the standard of studio photography.

John’s book has captured the eyes and minds of budding photographers ranging from beginners to advanced skill set. Lighting for Studio Photography DECODED is a well written illustrative book and teaching tool filled with images, illustrations and diagrams to enable any photographer to skillfully see, capture and shoot the light of a studio set.

GRAB A COPY via the book’s website http://studiolightingphotography.com/ 
and buy the BOOK or EBOOK.

Lighting for Studio Photography DECODED by John Fick
A day after the first printing of John’s book arrived, we got together at home for high tea and had a few hours of catching up.  John is doubly busy now that he is also covering weddings and doing commercial shoots abroad.  We seldom see him now.  He is still based in Sydney but his photography takes him to different parts of the world.  
Afternoon Tea at Home

It was thoughtful of him to give us a book which he claimed, “This is the first book I’ve given out and signed, ha? I even had to buy a special pen for signing.”  At natawa naman kami dun.  

Lighting for Studio Photography DECODED by John Fick
Lighting for Studio Photography DECODED by John Fick
At talagang mahaba ang dedication (parang slumbook!) 
This was just the last bit of his message to us

Other our usual what’s-happening-in-your-life updates and photography tips, he shared with us his plans of having a second book which has a very good concept and we hope it pushes thru.  For now, we are enjoying his very useful book and learning more about lighting for photography.

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