There is no Math or Science, no exact formula to make it work…most times it just takes a good balance, letting ourselves go with the flow without compromising the values important to us.

Sometimes there are no reasons…just a lot of understanding, giving and taking.

There are shared moments…of milestones and defeats, of dreams and what-ifs, of tears and most importantly, an abundance of laughter. We never let a day pass without making each other laugh and making each other happy is a always priority.

There are moments when we let each other be…it could be anger, disappointment, frustration or a day when things aren’t going right—whatever the reason, we listen and hope that a hug will make things better (and it does!).

There are adventures…the travels that make us learn more about the world and of each other, the challenges that help us become better people.

There are times for daydreaming…of things we want to do, places we want to go, of seeing ourselves grow old together and still holding hands.

There is so much respect…for each other’s opinions, for when we both need a bit of space, for our individual growth. We always want to bring out the best in each other.

There’s a lot of trust involved…in God, in each other, in people we hold dear.

And of course, there’s friendship and love…our great foundations in being TWOgether. Everyday and always. <3


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