This is my newest favourite cafe in the city.   I discovered My Sweet Memory (MSM) last year during one of the weekends we had dinner at Strathfield.  I’ve been hanging out in Strathfield because of the Korean shopes, cafes and restaurants there.  However, I’ve been discovering a few more Korean restaurants in the city of Sydney lately and this was one of them.

My Sweet Memory (MSM) is a stationery cafe located in Bathurst Street near Townhall Station.  It is a  quaint and charming cafe that serves good coffee and delectable cakes and pastries.

They have a wide array of stationery items you can buy.  They also sell shoes, bags and polaroid cameras. 

Cute E-postcards.  I hope they have a Sydney or Korea E-Postcard but they don’t.  Instead they have Tokyo and Paris.

I’ve been spending all my “Me” times at MSM.  The staff are accommodating and they make good coffee.

I tried their New York Cheesecafe and it was indulgent.

Once I ordered their Coffee+Macaron for AUD$5.00.  It was a good deal but the Macaron was average.  That didn’t stop me from enjoying my coffee though.

Whenever they serve your coffee, they always give a small sweet and crunchy biscuit which I love.  The biscuits are also available in packed containers should you want to bring some home.  It is also a great gift idea to loved ones.

My Sweet Memory (MSM)
95 Bathurst Street
Sydney, NSW 

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