Like employees who work in public office or private sectors, there are now trainings for doctors who may want to branch out to teaching or management duties.  I know a few doctors who found fulfillment in the service of teaching students who want to someday be doctors as well.
In Oxford Medical, they offer several courses to doctors who may want to enhance their knowledge and skills and be more effective in their field. One of Oxford Medical’s flagship courses is the Consultant Interview Course where one can learn the skills needed in medical presentations and responding to interview questions.  For those who want to branch out to teaching, they offer a Medical Teaching Course , both run in Oxford and London, is aimed at giving formal medical education to doctors who would like to improve their teaching styles.  To support this, doctors can attend the Teach the Teacher Course and be guided by different learning styles, learning theories, tips on how to handle difficult students and how to give feedback.  For doctors who need to enhance their skills in supervising their subordinates and teams, they can enroll in a Medical Management Course as this will help them learn about performance management and personal effectiveness skills.  They will also learn about management and leadership of specialist and multi-disciplinary teams to achieve the effective working and further development of services.

There are more trainings/courses offered by Oxford Medical so check out their website and find a course that will make your dreams come true.

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