I usually buy fishballs from Gumballs and never cared about their drinks.  They recently renovated their take-away shop in Westpoint Blacktown and with the new facade emphasizing the drinks they offer, I noticed they serve Taho (Sweet Tofu or Bean Curd with Caramel and Pearls) and Halo-Halo.   Apparently, along with the revamped of Gumballs, they introduced new drinks and desserts as well.

I got excited when I saw the photo of their Taho on the menu and ordered a regular cup right away.

It’s Cold Taho and the packaging is likened to the milk teas served by Chatime and Easy Way.  I love it! It is almost the same as the Taho I buy in the Philippines, only cold and not as sweet (you can request to add more caramel syrup).

Next time, I’ll try their version of the Halo-halo and Sago Gulaman.

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