Situated in the heart of Myeongdong, this cafe is one that can’t be missed. 

Caffe Pascucci (Seoul, Korea)

Cafe Pascucci is a local cafe in Seoul that serves Italian Coffee.  The cafe also serves cakes, pastries, sandwiches and gelato.

Caffe Pascucci (Seoul, Korea)

We visited Cafe Pascucci for afternoon tea on our final day and had our usual Cafe Mocha (for the husband) and Cafe Americano (for me).  Their coffee was rich, a little on the strong side but smooth nonetheless.

Caffe Pascucci (Seoul, Korea)

We weren’t really hungry due to a heavy lunch at a Japanese restaurant that day.  How I wish we could have some Gelato Honey Toast but we instead opted to share a slice of their creamy, smooth Cheesecake.

Caffe Pascucci (Seoul, Korea)

The cafe was located on the second floor of a building so we had a good view of Myeongdong beneath us.

Cafe Pascucci (Seoul, Korea)

The Husband took photos from downstairs while I checked messages online and enjoyed my cuppa.

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Caffe Pascucci (Seoul, Korea)

Cafe Pascucci is located at Rodeo Street, Myeongdong (near SC Bank)

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