The other night, my dear friend shared on her FB status that she can’t find her rogar estate wine opener so instead of drinking wine, she turned to eating ice cream instead.  How funny!  Oh well, I can relate to her especially when I’m in need of a good drink at the end of the day.  They say that drinking wine at least once a day is healthy so my Husband and I do stock up on a few bottles of wine at home.  We don’t drink everyday but we drink often enough even if there are no special occasions.

Like my friend, we sometimes take wine openers for granted when it is an important factor in drinking wine. We have wine openers at home but how I wish one day we can have proper ones like those of Rogar’s champion wine opener and estate wine opener.

Stocking up on quality wines at home are an investment but setting good quality wine openers are just as important too.

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