Before the atmosphere was enveloped in darkness tonight, I had the best of both worlds as I stood for a moment in our home’s balcony.

On my left, the sun sets and the sky was a rainbow-full of colours.

sunset today

Here’s another photo…this time I used an effect from instagram.

sunset today

While the sun was slowly setting, this was what was happening on my right.

the moon tonight

The lovely moon illuminates.  I used an effect from instagram to enhance this photo.

the moon tonight

Those were my left and right views as I stood in the middle of our balcony.   A lovely way to end a happy and productive day.  A great reminder that no matter how our day has been, the sun will set, the moon will shine (sometimes at the same time!) and tomorrow is another chance at hope, happiness, opportunities and love.

How was your day today?

(All photos taken by an iPhone 4)


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