At the start of the year, I mentioned that one of my immediate goals for 2011 is to get back into exercising once again.  And that’s what I’ve been doing lately.  I’ve gone back to exercising, slowly but surely.  While I think that my body is ready for more strenuous workouts, I pace myself to make sure that I’m not doing damage to my body.

I’m not aiming to be reed thin.  My goal is basically to get rid of unwanted fats I gained from the past year that I wasn’t able to regularly exercise.  I mainly want to go back to my old and normal lifestyle when my food intake is proportional to my physical activities.  

Other than going back to my usual lifestyle, getting fit would be futile without some goals and here are mine:
(1) lose 3 kilos
(2) go back to having a waistline of at least 27 inches
(3) get used to exercising regularly

And I hope to achieve all those in three months.  

There are so many exercise programs to choose from but since I know my body well, I’ll share with you some of my ways of getting fit.

Exercise Gadgets.  an Elliptical Strider, a skipping rope (not in photo), light hand weights and a hula hoop.  Everyday I get on our Elliptical Strider and lift hand weights everyday for a 10-15 minutes.  The hula hoop and skipping rope I do them once or twice a week only. 

Back To Exercising Again

Brisk Walking.  Monday to Friday, I average about 30-40 minutes of brisk walking.  I love walking!  Other than a source of physical activity, walking is also a spiritual thing for me.  

Dance Workouts.  I have a copy of the Crunch Cardio Dance Blast and I do this at least once or twice a week, usually on days when I don’t have work.  I love this DVD because the steps are easy to follow.

Crunch Cardion Dance Blast!

Wii Fit and Wii Just Dance.  I use Wii Fit for my Yoga, Boxing, and Running exercises.  For Wii Just Dance, obviously for dance exercises.  These may just be simulated games via a console but I swear, they give me a good sweat after a few minutes.  

So those are my basic physical activities in a week, my very own exercise programs!  I vary my routine every time I exercise because I tend to get bored easily so I find it handy that I have exercise equipments, video games and dance videos that I choose from.

What about you?  What are your exercise routines these days?

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  1. The Joyful Crafter

    I used to go to the gym and was in total shape until I got married.

    I’m not sure if my husband is just really the jealous type that he doesn’t want me to go to the gym or he just wants me this big…

    From my single weight of 110lbs, I got to 280lbs while pregnant, and now that my baby has turned 1 I somehow weighted down to 130lbs. Still I hope to loose until I get back to at least 115lbs 🙁

    It’s such a challenge for me especially that my husband choose that I stay big… 🙁 But your blog post definitely inspired me and introduce a whole new different way to exercise! 🙂

  2. Ibyang

    hi Peachy!

    thank you for always visiting! 🙂
    cheers to husband who loves us no matter what shape we are hehe. my husband doesn’t mind if i gain weight too but i’m just not used to being physically inactive. i used to be an athlete so i really love being mobile.

    the elliptical strider targets the arms and legs. yes, it burn fats in those area and at the same time builds muscle.

    let’s stay healthy! 🙂

  3. upto6only

    i used to go to the gym though i have to stop due to our busy schedule. Hopefully i can get back to the gym by April. As of now, i just try to cut down my food intake especially carbs. duon ako lumalaki hehehe

  4. Ibyang

    hello upto6only!
    argh, carbs are a menace because we are used to eating rice. i also control my rice intake nowadays (only 1 serving of rice per day) and avoid white bread (i eat multigrain bread instead).

    good luck to us!

  5. kg

    i am also trying to get exercise into my routine, not just for losing weight but because i feel my body needs it…so i guess more for health reasons. plus plus na lang pag nabawasan ang weight. 🙂

    i want to take up dancing as an exercise. para di ko nafefeel na nageexercise ako. tamad kasi ako eh! he he!

  6. RicAdeMus

    Exercise!!! No!!!!! =)

    It is that time, I need to get back in the habit too. My wife doesn’t like it when I do. She tries her best to sabotage my efforts–my favorite Ben & Jerry’s start appearing in the freezer, among many other things. She’s cute! =)

    I wish I had a camera with me that night so I could have snapped a picture. I need to get a small camera–or maybe a camera phone–to carry with me.

  7. Wenny Yap

    Hey, I like the Wii fit and dance ideas. I’ve been like searching for ages for those body-combat DVDs but you just gave me a new idea to do my home workouts now.

    I’m so going to bug my ‘lo kong’ to get me that game console!

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