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one of my simple joys--being on-board a ferry
One of my simple joys on my birthday (22 Jan 2011)…a ferry ride!

Personal Reflection:

Now that I’m older, I base my decisions on consequences that will make my life easier and simpler. 

Nowadays, I stay away from situations I know will bring complications and stress into my everyday living.  I don’t mind being stressed as long as I know it will result to something productive. 

I spend my time with people and moments that will make me happy.  Time is precious so I choose wisely on who I want to spend it with and what to do during my spare time.  I don’t want a complicated life so I don’t like spending time with complicated people.  Life is so short to be spent in negativity.

I embrace technology if it will make work and managing the home more productive and time-efficient.  If it’s a product that will truly help me and my Husband in having a quality life, why not?

Simplicity is not just  a matter of wanting the simple and inexpensive things.  I believe it is more about one’s mindset in life.  For me, being simple means “un-complicating” things in life.  I believe it’s about making smart choices in order to have a stress-free life.
Have a great week, everyone!


  1. kay

    Thank you for reminding me about my own affirmations. I so needed that as the last weekend, I’ve just been stressing myself worrying about nothing.

    This really helped me.

  2. Anphy

    Came across your blog the other day (through Australia Expat Forum , if i remember correctly) and I have to say I am hooked.
    Being a foodie myself and also in the process of migrating to Sydney in a few months, I find your blog very interesting .
    Happy to discover it 🙂

  3. Genesis Paredes

    We were on the plane back to ruh on your birthday, I did not realize it until now lang…

    You’ve had a great year Ivy and may God continue to bless you and Chris 🙂

    I agree, living life simply means less stress and there’s a lot better chance we’d be happier 🙂 and more productive…

    More power!! Stay happy!!!

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