Gone are the days when we spend Friday nights at a bar dancing and hanging out with friends.  Now that we’re married, we normally get to dance to our favorite tunes at home while we clean and do household chores.

My Husband and I are no saints when it comes to household chores.  Some weekends, we are really too lazy to do anything.  Sometimes, we just want to sleep, eat and play games.  BUT we try our best to get up and spend an hour or two cleaning and de-cluttering the home.  In order to avoid pangs of laziness while doing chores, we turn to our love of music for inspiration.

This is my little work desk at home.  There’s the usual stuff on my desk such as my planner, mobile phone, iPod Touch, my Moleskine notebook (placed on the shelf) and any one of our cameras.  We have a secured cabinet for our cameras and lenses but there has to be one camera on my desk which I can grab anytime I need to.

cleaning time!

When we clean the home or do our assigned chores, the Husband connects his laptop to our mini-speakers and play our favorites songs via the iTunes. 

We uploaded the Remote application to our iPod and iPhone so that wherever we are inside the home, we can control the music of our iTunes Library in our laptop or computer. 

iPod Touch & iPhone 4 as Remote Controls

Other than our cleaning paraphernalia, we get our music ready so that doing our chores are more enjoyable.  While cleaning, we dance and sing to our favorite tunes.  Doing household chores is never that boring as we get to have fun while doing it.

What do you do in order to make your household chores more enjoyable?


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