This was the first food store I saw the moment we walked out of our hotel in Melbourne.  When I saw the photograph of Churros, I knew that this would be the first dessert we will have on our trip.  I’ve never been more glad to have picked where we stayed at—truly a blessing, location-wise and food-wise.

As we walked out of la citta, I almost skipped with glee with the thought that in a few minutes I will finally have a taste of Churros as I haven’t eaten them in a long while.  I was that excited!

Spanish Doughnuts is a small food store along Elizabeth Street, Melbourne.  This is more of a take-away shop with only two tables on the sidewalk available for those wanting to sit down and savour their Churros while people and cars pass by.

Spanish Doughnuts (Melbourne, Australia)

Their window display will show you a range of their Churros:

Original Churros –  Fresh golden brown outside with a delicate, light and fluffy centre. Rolled in traditional cinnamon sugar or icing sugar.

Bombon Churros – A designer Churro encased in a delicate shell of white, milk or dark chocolate for the ultimate Chocolate Churro experience.

Savoury Churros – Churro filled with savoury cream cheese, sundried tomatoes, peanut butter or cheesybite vegemite filling

Hot Jam Churros – Churro filled with melt-in-your-mouth-fillings such as custard, chocolate, caramel, and strawberry.

Spanish Doughnuts (Melbourne, Australia)

You don’t want a Churro?  They also have Cones with creamy fillings.

Spanish Doughnuts (Melbourne, Australia)

While we were there, they served a box of their savoury Churros to passersby.  It was hot and crunchy.  I liked it!

Spanish Doughnuts (Melbourne, Australia)

Caught on cam!  The Husband’s good timing captured me getting my second piece hehe.  It was that good.  I enjoyed my free savoury Churros while I chatted with the Spanish Doughnuts staff (they were so friendly).
Spanish Doughnuts (Melbourne, Australia)

We ordered a 3-pack Original Churros with Milk Chocolate Dipping for and two pieces of Bombons: one was the Nuts Gourmet Bombon filled with caramel and Triple Chocolate Bombon (not sure about the name–we forgot already). 

The moment the Bombons were handed to us, the Husband started eating the Nuts Gourmet Bombon right away (no time to photograph!).  It was delicious.  With my Husband being a chocoholic, it was gone even before we went back to the hotel.  As he was about to start on the Chocolate Bombon, I told him to save it until we’re back at the hotel.  The moment I took a of photo of it, it was quickly gone (such a chocolate fiend this Husband of mine! hehe).  The Bombons were a lovely dessert but could be too sweet for someone like me who doesn’t like sweet stuff all the time.

Spanish Doughnuts (Melbourne, Australia)

The 3-pack Churros were perfect.  It was freshly-cooked when handed over to me so it was crunchy.  Their milk chocolate dip was a winner for me as well.  Not too sweet, just the right partner to their Churros. 

Spanish Doughnuts (Melbourne, Australia)

Spanish Doughnuts (Melbourne, Australia)

I would have bought their Original Churros everyday while we were there but I had to control my Churros and milk chocolate dipping intake.  I made sure though that I bought another 3-pack on our last night and savoured it to the last bite.

Spanish Doughnuts

Flinders Street Station
Open 24 hours a day
Shop 2, Flinders Street Station
Cnr Flinders and Swanston Sts
Opposite Federation Square
Melbourne VIC 3000


Elizabeth Street Store
Open 7am-10pm
Elizabeth Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000
Ph: (03) 9654 5577


  1. Traveliztera

    I am a huge churros fan back then! I kinda stopped cos I was on a diet but seeing these is already waking that churros fan inside me –again! hahaha! Are there any good churros stores in Sydney (because I might not be able to go to Melbourne right away 🙁 ) 😀

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