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    @K : very fasyon

    @kay : good on yah!

    @Rick : you’re welcome! it takes a lot of getting used to no? since we grew up with plastic bags everywhere. but at least we are now aware and trying to make an effort

    @Leah : i remember in one of your contests, you gave away a reusable bag, i wanted to win but i didn’t. that’s one reusable bag i want because we don’t have that here in Sydney

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    Ibyang, I’m with you on the reusable bags. I’ve used them since I can remember – in my country of origin there were no free plastic bags in the stores! When I lived in Germany, I continued to do it – recycling and reusing is a religion in Germany. It’s when I came to Canada that I was smitten by the number of plastic bags given free of charge everywhere! Luckily, this is about to change.

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