Just played with a couple of photos taken today. If you notice two photos with somewhat different skintones, those are just results of some photoshop actions I’m experimenting with. It’s amazing that I have the same formula with these two photos and yet have different results: one became more orange while the other became greener. It had to do with the different exposures of each photo. Wala lang, trip lang.


  1. Ibyang

    @Leah: apir!

    @sheng: i know some basic like resizing, sharpening, adjusting contrasts…but i’m very jologs when it comes to post processing. hindi kasi talaga ako mahilig mag-PP.

    @mom and son: thanks! korek! may result na kung ano-ano pag walang magawa

    @princess dyanie: pag may bagong lens ay naku, hindi na ako magpho-photoshop hahaha. honestly, tamad ako mag-edit ng pictures.

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