Got this biscuits from Singapore as pasalubong from my tito and tita (thank you!). It’s called Cashew Nut Sugee Cookies (Kampong Asia Delights).

Not a lot of people know but I’m actually a biscuits person. I’m especially fond of butter cookies and these biscuits from Singapore deliciously tastes like butter cookies only these were made from cashew nuts which all the more makes me love it (because cashew nuts are a favorite of mine). This is indeed a great pasalubong.

Next time I pass by Singapore, I’m definitely buying hoarding these.


  1. Chantel

    Cashew Nut biscuits – My gosh, they would be dangerous in my house!

    It’s exciting when you recieve presents from OS isn’t it? I got biscuits too from my relatives in the UK this year 🙂

    I was going to write I hope you enjoy them, but there’s really no doubt about that is there?! 😉

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