Spent late Thursday afternoon at the Night Noodle Festival. Been going to this festival since 2006 and I wouldn’t miss this for anything. Very convenient as it goes on for two weeks and starts at 5:00pm. Perfect for people who just came out of the office.

It’s also but fitting to end my workweek by having dinner at the park and pre-celebrate with my Husband two happy milestones: my 4th anniversary here in the Land Down Under and our 1st anniversary in our first ever “munting tahanan” (yes, 1 year na kaming nagbabahay-bahayan!!!:)), both events incidentally happened on the 16th of October 🙂

On to the Night Noodle Festival, as soon as we got there, we lined up to get these free bags from The Sydney Morning Herald. Inside it were a couple of promo catalogues for Crave’s October Festivities and some pins. Nothing much really but the recycle bags are useful and pretty enough (the shade was Olive Green which I love).

Then we got a few free Ferrero Rondnoir chocolates, Ferrero’s newest chocolate. If you’re a fan of dark chocolates, this one is for you.

After that sugar rush, we lined up to get our real dinner. Off to the Dim Sum Station we go to have our Yum Cha fixes.

Fresh from the steamer Pork Buns and Pork Siomai and fried Vegetable Spring Rolls.

For our noodle craving, we had our last stop at Thai Express for some Pad Thai and Satay Chicken.

With dinner on our hands, we found our spot at Hyde Park and had a laid-back dinner as we wait for night time to appear. Thank God for the great weather. Still cold and windy but at least the sun shone that day and that really helped.

I loved our simple dinner immensely. We were in a festival and yet I felt so peaceful just sitting on the grass, surrounded by trees and a fountain, of happy people and of course in the great company that is my Husband. Our dinner was sort of a Thanksgiving for the four years that I’ve been in Sydney and for the 1st year of happy, peaceful living in our first home.

After dinner, we explored Art & About where you’ll see the finalists in Sydney Life, the much-loved exhibition of large scale photographs depicting Sydney.

This is my favorite photograph of all. This is a photograph of an old Filipino Couple who finally got married in church 75 years after their civil wedding ceremony. I like it because it was such a moving photograph, really speak volumes.

When you say large scale photographs, this was how big the photographs were.

The Husband took lots of photos that night…this was my favorite. Somehow describes a lot of things going on in my life on my 4th year here in Sydney: ever-changing, ever-vibrant, ever-challenging but always ever-fabulous.

For more photos, please click this: Night Noodle Festival and Art & About 2009.


  1. gracious

    Great way to start the weekend 🙂
    The picture of the Filipino couple is touching. Did they get married in Australia?
    I just saw the tv ad of the Ferrero Rondnoir…hmmm..ma try nga.

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