Last Friday, I was on a day-off and spent the whole afternoon reading “Babyproof” by Emily Giffin (will write a review soon) and lazing in bed. Around 4 o’clock, I stood up and hung out by the balcony (I can’t stay in our coffee nook coz it was freezing cold) with a glass of hot coffee and pancakes.

Other than finish the book and continue on my whole afternoon of ME time, I looked forward to the setting of the sun that afternoon since we had a sunny weather that day.

On sunny days, I always look forward to the beautiful setting of the sun. On days when I have work, I get more excited to be at home in time for an awesome sunset show. When I’m home in time for setting of the sun, I feel a certain warm welcome into my home. It’s all worth living in this 3rd floor apartment, in this old building with no elevators.

So let me share with you the awesome setting of the sun last Friday. No editing was done in the photos below so you can appreciate the changing of colors that took place.

Earlier, the horizon looked more purle-ish in color.

A little bit later the blue sky turned up with the sun turning yellow-orange…

Darker hues…and a flicker of pink lines.

Gradually, the sun sets…the horizon darkens and another beautiful sunset was over.

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