Most of us are not so eager to back to work on Mondays, especially when we had so much fun over the weekend. And to add to that, we almost always feel that weekends are never enough–I couldn’t agree more. How I always wish that weekends would just go on forever.

So what do I do in order to start my week on a positive note and be more excited about it? Other than following my tips on ‘How to Get Along with “Monday”‘, I make a list of all the good things I was grateful for the weekend that passed, I call it “My Weekend’s Happy List”.

Here are some of the happy moments I had over the weekend:

Friday afternoon tea with my friend Cathy. This was an overdue reunion and finally, we found the time to catch up. Like me, she moved here to start a new life and a family. I’m so grateful I have someone from my childhood who lives here too (we attended the same school from elementary to high school). And a great bonus is that we live in the same area–we’re practically neighbors, yay!!!

It was great catching up with her…great to hear updates about our other friends from school and at the same time, there were a lot of remisning of the good old days. Made us miss our high school days *sigh*.

We had a chocolatey meryenda feast at Max Brenner and shared a plate of Tutti Frutti. I had my usual Max Brenner Cappuccino.

Breakfast with plurkmates/twitmates Jo and Pen on Saturday morning. Other than chitchatting via plurk and twitter and sharing stories via our blogs–yes, we never seem to get enough haha–we also enjoy hanging out in the flesh, even if it meant getting up early on a Saturday morning (instead of sleep in) to have breakfast together.

A trip to the park. Isn’t it relaxing to hang out at the park and be surrounded by lovely green and blue sceneries? I love going to the park all the time but on some weekends, our schedule does not allow us to. This weekend, my husband and I were fortunate to be able to hang out with friends as well–double fun!

Sunny weather on a winter’s day. So what do kids do when the sun is up? We play!!!! Other than play out in the sun, I’m always grateful for sunny weather on weekends because it is a big help to dry out the laundry.

Our laptop is now working!!!! After a year of “hibernation”, thinking that our laptop is dead (and in need of serious repair), lo and behold, the husband tried turning it on on Sunday afternoon and it worked! Holy guacamole 🙂

So there, a few of the happy highlights of my weekend.

What my Weekend’s Happy List does to me:

On days when I need cheering up, I open the pages of my journal and draw inspiration from my Happy Lists. I maintain a journal as well and it is there that I write down my Happy Lists–I have an Everyday Happy List and a Weekend’s Happy List.

Thinking about the happy moments of my weekend makes me more enthused to go to work on Monday. Since I started cherishing my weekends more, I seldom go to work on Monday unhappy and “un-ready”. It helped me overcome “Monday-itis syndrome”.

It made me look forward to another weekend with a smile.

Sometimes, I still have unsatisfactory and challenging moments during my weekend. But when I start counting the more favorable blessings that I’ve encountered over the weekend, the good always outweighs the bad.

So what about you? What’s in your Weekend’s Happy List?


  1. Tetcha

    That’s a nice way to start the work week, reminiscing your happy moments/fun activities during the weekend. I’ll have to remind myself to do just that when I feel lazy, tired, or bored on a Monday morning. Thanks for sharing, Ibyang!

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