This is one of my favorite spaces in our home. We call it “our coffee nook”.

On weekend mornings, my Husband and I love to hang out here while we sip our morning coffee.

Some afternoons, we’d sit beside each other, watch the sunset and talk of everything under the sun. We’d sip our favorite wine and munch on cheese or sometimes we’d be eating pancit canton..any food that we might be craving for for afternoon tea.

At night time, my Husband never fails to come out here for a few minutes of silence. Sometimes I’d join him and we’d watch the world pass us by and say a word of thanks for the day that was.

What I love best about this space is that it has been instrumental to witnessing beautiful sunsets that seem to welcome me to my home when I arrive in the afternoons or surprise us with moonlight over our heads before we sleep.

This entry is in celebration of Caryn’s birthday. Happy birthday Caryn!!! It was a pleasure to have you as one of my buddies in the blogosphere. 🙂


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