For months since we moved in to our unit, the guest room had been the storage area of our place. Come February this year, it was time to transform it to its real designation, a Guest Room.

We did a lot of work on the Guest Room (as compared to the work done on the Master’s Bedroom) as we didn’t avail of any bedroom packages. We bought a bed and painted it to have a more earthy-color. Bought two matching bedside tables that didn’t match the color of the bed (because we painted it) as we wanted a break from unified colors this time.

So this is how it looks now…not matching and yet there is harmony of colors.

Since in this room, we had a lighter shade of neutral colors, I decided to make the bedsheets red.

And since this is the guest room, we wanted our little furry friends from Australia to welcome our guests….

Our photographs in this room’s theme is Travel, which shows the places we’ve been to. In this photo, you’ll see (from top to bottom) Bohol (Chocolate Hills, Cebu (Magellan’s Cross), Dubai (Burj Al Arab), Hongkong (IFC Building), Singapore (The Merlion), Melbourne (Yarra River) and Canberra (Parliament).

The Guest Room doesn’t have a built-in closet but we didn’t have to buy a cabinet for clothes. It so happened that the Husband’s office moved to a new building so the company decided to give away some furnitures. So the Husband took home his big filing cabinet (which I transformed into a clothes cabinet) and mobile cabinet (which I transformed into a mini-bookshelf. Voila, instant home furnitures!

Since the cabinets are made of steel and gray in color, I bought some wooden placemats and used it as cover for the cabinets, to somehow in-synch them with the bed and bedside tables. I also used a Black vase and Brown-striped tealight candles as accents for the room.

I placed two more travel photos on top of the mini-bookshelf, this time, it’s a photo of us in La Perouse (one of our favorite places in Sydney) and a sunset photo of Boracay taken during our honeymoon in 2007.

Transforming the Guest Room took six weeks to complete–we just finished last Sunday. It’s all ready now.


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