Got tagged in Facebook four times now, so I might as well get it over and done with. Sharing with you 25 things about me, here goes:

1. I cried when I watched “Marley and Me” because I was reminded of my dogs in the Phils–I miss them.

2. People who follow my blog assume that I will always write EVERYTHING that happens in my life. I sometimes get reactions like “Bakit wala pa sa blog mo?”. I never answer those kind of questions–obviously, I have no obligation to share everything in my blog.

3. I hate waiting because I hate wasting time. BUT I can endure waiting and I forgive people easily when they’re late.

4. I drink pineapple juice but I don’t like eating pineapple (the fruit)–the smell makes me dizzy.

5. Misconception #1: that I am a coffee addict. The truth: For the past three years, I normally drink coffee twice a week (Friday and Saturday) only. The only time I drank lots of it (2-3 cups a day) was when I worked in Makati for six years.

6. However, coffee addict or not, I love coffee–I’m passionate about it in the sense that I want to learn everything about it.

7. Misconception #2: that I am a chocoholic. The truth: I can actually live without chocolate or at least survive without eating it for the longest time. The only reason why I frequent hanging out at chocolate cafes is because my husband is the one who can’t live without chocolate.

8. However, I do have my favorite chocolates: Hershey’s Kisses with Almonds, Lindt White, Cadbury Dream and M&M’s with Peanuts.

9. I average about 40 minutes of walking everyday.

10. One of the happiest times I’ve had at work took place inside the training room where I’m surrounded by my trainees.

11. My principle in getting things done: Do it right the first, all the time.

12. The one person that helped me got over my issues/angst in life was a life guru (life coach) who made me realize my substance, self-worth and potentials, and that I’m capable of forgiving.

13. I don’t take pride in having too many things. My goal nowadays is to live simply.

14. In relation to #13, I was appalled to see that I have acquired so many clothes (for the past three years that I’ve been living in Sydney) when I had an inventory of our closest in the new year. I now have a balikbayan box full of clothes that will be sent off to charity.

15. I drink tea twice a day: organic green tea at 10:00am; vanilla green tea after dinner.

16. I’m mataray but never an iskandalosa.

17. One of my dreams is to have a recording studio inside the home.

18. I’m such a big fan of Madonna when I was a kid that I named our first dog “Madonna”.

19. I love “Big Bang Theory”. My husband uploaded their episodes in my iPod and I always watch them when I’m onboard the train or bus. Even if I’ve seen all their episodes a thousand times, it never fails to make me laugh.

20. My favorite character in “Big Bang Theory” is (Dr) Sheldon Cooper. He’s sooo funny!!!

21. Husband and I made a vow not to buy stuff related to our photography hobby (i.e. new body and lenses) this year. We have chosen to lie-low on our love for photography for a year or two because we are preparing to buy something big next year.

22. Two things I’m know for in my circle of friends: (1) I call my girlfriends “Hane” and (2) During ranting sessions (i.e. barkada talking about her fight with the bf, etc), I would always be the one ask “So, anong learning mo sa pangyayaring ito?”–para sa akin kasi, walang kwenta ang kwento kung walang aral na natutunan.

23. My most favorite cities in the world would be: Dubai, Manila, Cebu, Makati, Hongkong and Sydney.

24. It took my husband two years to convince me to marry him.

25. I never thought I’d love being married—but I DO!


  1. babyruth888

    ako naman po nakaka relate sa number 24 ni ibyang…it took me 2 years to convince my husband to marry me:) yeah and i’m not ashamed to tell my friends even my kids that i was the one who proposed:) we’re doing well in our marriage anyhow and he’s a faithful, loving husband and dad. i’ve always thought i wanted to be happily married. thank God i am. Happy Valentines Day to all! Ibyang thanks for sharing these things about you, am one of the many who enjoy reading your blogs and the pix in it.

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