To Siomai Love For The Husband

I went on half-day and had lunch with him at Blackbird Cafe in Darling Harbour. We had my favorite Penne Arrabiata and Supreme Pizza.

The reason why I love eating at Blackbird Cafe is that even if they’re not an Italian Restaurant, they serve really good pasta and pizza.

The Penne Arrabiata wass really spicy (some restos claim their Arrabiata’s spicy but they’re actually not) and full of flavor with lots of red capsicum. I love it!

Their Supreme Pizza was one of the most delicious pizzas I’ve ever tasted. It’s thin crust with a dash of tomato sauce and cheese (just right, not overflowing) the way Italians make their pizzas. It has lots of toppings, the crust can’t almost handle it. The best part was they used whole olives (other restos chop them which I really don’t like) so when I saw the pizza, I just had to say, “Shushality! Buo ang Olives!”. Oh and another thing, it’s not oily compared to the ones we buy from the foodcourt or order from delivery.

It was a beautiful day today, the sun was out and it felt like summer. We dined by the Blackbird Cafe’s balcony and enjoy the refreshing warm weather. This was our view while we ate lunch.

After lunch, I went off to do my scouting for an authentic Korean BBQ Restaurant. I found authentic ones but not those ones who will let you cook the meat. So it seems like we won’t be having Korean BBQ in the city. I’ll take him to a suburb near the city, one that will have that authentic BBQ that I have in mind. It will be further away from the city but what the heck, it’s worth going there.

To Siomai Love For Me

First time to enter Kinokuniya (Japanese bookstore) and I was overwhelmed to see the biggest bookstore I’ve ever been to. When I entered the shop, I literally froze in the middle of where I was standing and just didn’t know where to start. My first reaction was “This bookstore should have a map!”. They have computers where you can search for the books you’re looking for but I didn’t have the patience to wait for the guy (who was before me) to finish. And being that it’s a bookstore, I’m not impressed with the lighting, it’s a bit dark for me. Although the place was divided into different sections, there’s just so many books and it’s just too big. Believe it or not, with all my complaints about the bookstore, I still love it and it’s now one of my favorite bookstores in the world and I’ll probably get used to it sooner or later.

However big it was, I found a book that I’m NOT looking for…

And yes, by the looks of the photo above, I bought it and made my way to the nearest, quietest Starbucks I could find (it’s in Hyde Park). Ordered a Grande Caffe Latte and a Lemon Lime Tart. The Lemon Lime Tart is the first and last that I will order in any cafe, it’s yuck pala! Too sour, too bitter, ewan.

After two chapters, I went off and met up with my relatives in Blacktown. Instead of going to the salon, I went straight to the supermarket and did grocery shopping for tomorrow’s lunch (I’m cooking Adobo again haha!).

To Siomai Love For the Wifey

Here’s the real Siomai story πŸ™‚ Husband arrived home and said “I have a surprise for you”, then he brought out Siomai. Weeee! πŸ™‚

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