Treats are surprise blessings given by other people to you or rewards that you give yourself.

This past week I had a lot of treats:

I was able to eat ice cream cake in celebration of my cousin Rachel’s birthday last 10 July:

1st: Rachel about to blow her 1-5 candle (that is the ice cream cake that we ate)

2nd: Patrick playing PSP, Me, Clare and Rachel

I was able to eat dinner at Hi-Lights Revolving Restaurant at Workers Blacktown last 12 July as Rachel’s post birthday celebration:

Overlooking Blacktown

The T-bone steak i had for dinner (yum!)

The four of us again 🙂

Our Team Leader treated us to Krispy Kreme donuts for afternoon tea last Friday:

After a long week of hard work, isn’t this such a lovely, sweet treat???? A really nice way to end the week.

And yesterday, I gave myself a treat, too…i finally found the time to go out with myself and so i went to the salon and got myself a haircut:

Short hair na uli ako!!!

How about you? What are the treats or surprise blessings that you received lately?

In any form, in any way, whomever it came from, don’t forget to thank the one who gave a treat or surprise blessing to you. It need not be big, it’s all a matter of being grateful of small blessings that come your way.

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