This is what’s keeping me busy for the past two weeks…

Here are the reasons why i braved chinatown twice (not once, but twice!) in the cold, cold weather just to have a box set of this:
  • the story is entertaining, has lots of funny scenes, not much drama compared to other koreanovelas
  • great production with well thought of concepts
  • awesome cinematography, i love their play of colors in each scene
  • graphically enhanced editing
  • the musical scoring is exceptional with beautiful love songs to make some scenes more “kilig”

Have you seen the bears???
I love them!

My Mom and my cuzin were laughing at me because this koreanovela has made me a fan. I like watching koreanovela but I wasn’t as enthusiastic as before. Watching it is something that I put off most of the time. Although i do like lovers in paris and winter sonata, but once I’ve watched them, I’m done. now, I will honestly say that I love this series up to the point of checking it out on youtube (may tagalog version and MTVs dun eh) and checking out their sites on the internet for production photos and comics version (yes, pati comics version). And take note, one of the things I love about this series are the songs, so everyday I play their OST in my ipod.
Am I crazy??? I guess I am but then, it makes me happy, so what? 🙂

To all you fanatics, check this site:

And there’s talks of doing Goong 2, so hopefully they’d do it.

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