There are still quite a number of questions being asked about our wedding and my wedding experience so in order to share and help other bride-to-bes out there in preparing for their big moment, I will share my answers here.

Questions are not in order and names of those who’ve asked were not mentioned due to privacy reasons. Some I have answered personally or via email.

How long was your gown train?
4 meters

Nasaan na yung gown mo?
My gown is back with Cecil. After the wedding, Chris brought the gown to him for drycleaning but since I don’t have space to put my gown here, I haven’t picked them up. Hopefully next year, I’ll be able to bring it home.

What were you thinking when you walked down the aisle?
My walk down the aisle was very psychological for me, in the sense that my walk down the aisle had a lot of meanings. Pinaghandaan ko talaga ang paglakad ko sa araw ng kasal ko. Before walking down the aisle I told myself “when I walked down that aisle, it will be a symbol of taking that leap of faith, a symbol of courage to commit my life to my husband, when I walked down that aisle, walang bawian na talaga.”

During my walk down the aisle, my other thought was I had to keep it together coz my most loved persons in the room were all teary-eyed. I felt I had the biggest responsibility of having the strength to keep my parents, chris’s mom and chris from breaking down. I knew their tears imply joy and nostalgia but I really don’t want tears during that moment. So I tried my best not to cry in order to make light of the dramatic air.

When will the guestlist ever be final?
The guest list will never be final. There will always be an additional person, there will always be fallouts even on the day of the wedding.

Two weeks before the wedding, I told my coordinator to stop calling guests for RSVP. Our rationale was that the people that got an invite already has a place in our wedding. I don’t care if they attend or not. Basta ang point namin, we invited them kasi mahal namin sila. Gusto naming ipadama sa mga kapamilya at kaibigan namin na importante sila sa araw ng kasal namin, regardless kung mag-RSVP sila o hindi. One thing I learned about this, if they are true friends of yours, they will attend no matter what or at least make an effort to call kung hindi sila makakarating.

And since we stopped RSVP-ing, a week before the wedding I told the coordinator to add two tables for those who will be bringing additional people just to be sure that those extra people will still have a place to seat in the reception.

Who made all your wedding paraphernalias?
Chris did all the designs for the wedding. I helped in the conceptualization in some but he was really the one that had the vision on how the wedding designs would look like.

Who was more detailed, you or Chris?
Chris was more detailed than me, more of a perfectionist, more quality-based.

And what were you then?
I focused more on planning and strategizing. I’m more results-based so when i think of a concept, the first thing I think about is the impact of the concept. Ang tingin ko sa wedding namin ay parang production number na dapat mag-cater at mag-click sa lahat ng guests.

Tips on choosing a makeup artist?
Find a makeup artist that will listen to you before putting makeup on you.

My rule on bridal make up was this: when i show my wedding photos to my kids, my kids would automatically know that it’s me. I told my makeup artist not to camouflage my face. I told her not to hide my imperfections by putting layers and layers of foundation and concealer. I even told her not to make my eyes smaller (coz that’s what most makeup artists do to my eyes coz it’s big daw). I’m glad I found a makeup artist that listens coz I wanted to look as natural as possible, ayoko talagang magbago ang face ko nang dahil lang sa wedding.

Did you have thank you cards made?
Yes, we did. I didn’t want to but Chris insisted that we have TY cards printed as well.

How soon do you give out thank you cards?
Thank you cards should be given at least a month after the wedding. This is one rule of etiquette that we haven’t followed. Since Chris and I are apart for now, it’s hard to do post wedding stuff but as soon as we got settled in together, we will prioritize this. We hope our families and friends would understand the delay of the thank you cards.

How much does your whole wedding cost?
This is the one question that we will never answer.

If you were to change anything on your wedding day, what would it be?
Nothing. Hindi ako naniniwala na pwede pang ulitin ang mga pangyayari kaya hindi ko na inisip pa ang mga bagay na dapat baguhin sa mga nangyari na. After the wedding, I wanted to move on as soon as possible.

Is honeymoon a must after the wedding?
Yes. it doesn’t matter where or how short the honeymoon is. Think of the honeymoon as a reward to both of you—you need it to de-stress yourselves from the wedding. You need to de-stress because you will face new responsibilities when the wedding is over.

Is it a must to bring a tripod when honeymooning?
Yes. It will save you the time asking people to take a photo of you two. Dagdag dalahin ang tripod sa pag-byahe pero worth it.

Gawa na ba ang wedding album at video nyo?
Hindi pa. We haven’t finalized the stuff we need to submit to our main photo/video team that’s why they have no output yet. This is another task in our post wedding activities we haven’t done. Malamang next year na namin ito makukuha. That’s why we had some of the photos uploaded on online so that families and friends can view it.

so there. i really don’t have much to say about our wedding nowadays but i do appreciate family and friends who email or ask me personally of details. maraming maraming salamat po!

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