Ang email na sinulat ng ngo-ngo….

June 11, 2007
Hi ey-i (‘Baby’ as spoken by a ngo-ngo)
Musta na i-aw?
Musta na owling nyo? Wala lang, iss lang ki-ah eh. (musta na bowling nyo? wala lang miss kita eh)
Lah u, lah u!
Iss yu so mut! wah!

Ang email na sinulat ng pabaliktad…

July 5, 2007

!ybab iH

?waki an astum
.gnal alaw
.worromot llac ruoy rof taiw lliW
!u vul u vul !hawM !hcum os uoy ssiM

“We cannot really love anybody without whom we never laugh.” – Alice Reppler

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