Like any other busy woman, I cherish my weekends and make sure that I get to spread out my time to the different facets of my life. More often than not, two days are always never enough–BUT it’s all a matter of managing my time wisely or somehow scheduling events accordingly and at the same being flexible as possible. Here’s my list for this past weekend:

Personal: watched “Princess Hours” during my free time or after finishing my chores at home; started reading a new book

Spiritual: attended anticipated mass last saturday

Familial: was able to talk to Chris Friday and Saturday night; called my parents Sunday morning; I cooked lunch and dinner for my relatives at home (chicken schitznel and menudo) yesterday.

Social: organized a welcome lunch for Tomas (Ara’s husband from the phils) last Saturday and got to hang out with my friends at Hilda’s place.

Physical: I ate a very healthy lunch last Saturday and I did housework so that became my exercise for the weekend…i also did a lot of walking last Saturday on the way to Hilda’s place, plus I got to sleep in yesterday.

I love weekends such as these, when you almost have time for everything and for everyone, including yourself. Although sometimes I appreciate having weekends that I won’t be required to go out, however, having a full weekend isn’t so bad at all.

Hope everyone had a great weekend too!

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